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Today, you came towards me with a book and wanted me to read it to you.



You welcomed Mummy home after a long, hard day at work with a kiss and a cuddle in the garden.



You love playing with your phonics bus, even if it gives Mum and Dad a headache!



You zone out in the swing Nana bought you.



You face planted into a table today giving yourself a bloody nose. You cheered yourself up by eating pirate wrapping paper at a party.



Today we went to Hatfield forest on your trike. You love watching the ducks.



You started walking today, all of a sudden just decided to let go! Amazing Day!



You’re holding on to the arm of the sofa while cruising about. You’re getting more confident walking unaided now managing around 4 steps before wiping yourself out!



You are determined to walk but won’t let go of Mummy’s finger to walk to Nanny!


Henry, 1/365

Many photographers set themselves a 365 project and I have wanted to do this for some time, so here I go!

A little over a year ago, my life changed for the better forever when my son, Henry, came into this world. Looking back I wish I had made the commitment to start this on that day, but it has passed in the blink of an eye and I can’t rewind time, just capture moments of it to share, I will start doing that now for him and for my family and I hope anyone reading this will enjoy sharing this 12 month journey with us.

From the date of my Son’s first birthday I will take a photograph of him, or something about him every day until his second birthday. Like everyone I have commitments, not least to looking after my bundle of joy but I will post all 365 on this blog, maybe not every day but as near to it as I can.

Henry, these next 365 days are for you, when you see this in years to come, I hope you can appreciate them as much I know your Mother and I will. This photo was taken at your bedtime bath on your first birthday.



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